How to meditate for beginners

There are so many articles online and on magazines preaching how good meditating is for you. Most of them will give you a big list of benefits that you can get from it. But the thing is unless you do it properly you are not likely to receive any of those advantages. This article is focused on giving a beginner a few tips as to how to get about to effectively meditate. This will not be an extensive article or an in depth one. If you are looking for one of those look elsewhere but take a read of this first as it will tell you simply as to how to get about meditating. One of the most important things in meditating is picking the ideal spot for it.


Now this doesn’t mean you need a large room that is absolutely quiet. The size of the room doesn’t matter as long as it is comfortable for you and has silence to a certain degree. What is important is that there aren’t too many sounds around you to distract you. Having a few sounds are hence okay. Like for example, hearing the dog barking next door. But the space you are going to be in needs to have a calm and soothing effect. This is probably why a lot of people choose to meditate outside. As long as it isn’t near a busy road or construction site you should be fine. The thing is when it comes to meditating there is no set amount of time that you just have to meditate for. If you have a room that provides the necessary atmosphere for even 5min within your day it will be enough to achieve what you want so don’t worry too much about finding a place to meditate.

Speaking of time, you need to choose how long you are going to meditate for.  Now for most beginners you would not be able to do it for long so try to start with small periods and keep increasing it slowly over a period of time. Now when meditating, you need to be comfortable so make sure that you wear something that makes you comfortable like for example, some baggy clothing. Following that you should also always properly stretch before you meditate as otherwise your body will get stiff afterward. When you are meditating, always make sure that you sit appropriately as that also plays a part. After that just close your eyes and just calm and soothe your mind and you should be meditating just fine. Just block out everything else.

The advantages of meditating

Everybody leads very stressful lives these days and sometimes you just need to relax and forget about all of it. One of the best ways to do this is to meditate. It is one of the best ways to relieve stress and that’s not its only use. There are many advantages of meditating. Now most people associate meditation with spirituality but that is not always the case. Yes it helps you to be more spiritual of you meditate but you don’t have to be very spiritual for you to meditate. It’s a very simple thing that has many advantages that can help you. I mean it’s not that hard to do and you can do it almost anywhere so you don’t have to worry much at all as to how you are going to get about it. What is important is that you do it properly and the benefits will follow.


Now like I said this is one of the best ways to relieve stress as it gives both your body and mind some much needed rest. If done properly it will relax your whole nervous system and also make sure all the stress related bad chemicals are not released into your body. Meditation is hence very good for your health as well on the long run. It will improve your body and make your body produce chemicals that are good for you. A lot of terminally ill patients also find that meditating helps them a lot and sometimes even miracles happens and they get better just through the course of meditating. Whether you want to believe that or not is up to you but trust me it helps improve your health.


On the same note as health there are claims that through meditating you slow down your speed of aging as well.  There maybe some truth to this as like I said if your body becomes healthy then obviously the rate at which your body gets old and frail will reduce.  People with issues like insomnia also find that meditating really helps them overcome their sleeping issues. On most occasions your mind just needed a good break and meditating gives it that. To put it plainly, all in all you would be in a happier mood than before. But I must emphasize that unless you do it properly it’s useless. You may keep doing it for a long time but all of that time would be for nothing as you had not done it properly. Read up on it or ask someone as to how to do it properly.