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Meditation Chants and Tones

When I first learned about meditating, it was as a three or four year-old, and it was through a chant. I was taught that the chant, or tone, had a deep spiritual meaning; and I felt this whenever I was in a room with people who performed it. Many years later, as I picked up several other chants and were taught what they meant, I also learned about Chaos Magic. It was through a rather unexpected source, as many important lessons in my life often have been. The gist of chaos magic is the same as it's whole motivating rationale: symbols have no inherent power, other than what we invest in them. Symbols include invocations, chants and tones. It was then that I began to reflect on my meditation chants and tones: what if their power rested simply in what I believed them to mean? The Power of Belief There are many stories throughout the world of the power of belief. The whole idea of the placebo is based on this phenomenon. Chaos magic is also based on this idea: it is our belief in thing